Hi! It’s been a while…

bamboo goooooood

Hey guys, just re-visiting some old stuff I did about 4 years ago now, really just doing a test run of the new theme and getting back into wordpress. They’ve changed a lot about the dashboard so I want to figure out how to run it all properly so I can keep my skills current when it comes to running this sort of thing. Tumblr has unfortunately made me very lazy and just smashing the reblog button has killed some of the very personal and engaging posting I used to do. I’m looking to refine it all and get a little more serious with my work (at least serious in the regularity and quality, I’ll still post ridiculous stuff don’t worry).

Anyway for the mean time I’m just seeing what this new theme is like and how it handles the media I’m planning on posting, so enjoy SRI two and SRI three. 


(right click and do the save-as thing here to download the mix)

That’s really all for now, no one is reading this anyway… k byeeee

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